Often, the most richly pleasing aspects of life can also be the most difficult to put into words. Grace and charm work their magic most effectively when served up with a subtle touch. The truly sublime never calls too much attention to itself. That is its allure. And therein lies its power.


Roger Higgins & Ann Shipp

Principal designers

Roger’s highly refined style springs from a gifted imagination, perfectly coupled with a deep appreciation for the classic elements of architecture. He has an uncanny knack for making surprising design choices that still feel effortless and inevitable, once assembled in context. At the outset of any project, Roger begins by focusing on one deceptively simple question: What is right for this house? By marrying his own singular instinct with the personalities and lifestyles of the home’s occupants, a vision materializes into a beautiful reality.

After graduating from Tennessee Wesleyan College, Roger majored in Historic Preservation Design at O’More College of Design before establishing R. Higgins Interiors with Ann Shipp in 1994. With her incredible attention to detail and boundless energy, Ann oversees all aspects of the business. Her extensive list of resources, references, and goals is legendary among all who know her. “Our clients provide us a massive level of trust,” says Ann. “Each project is different, of course, and tells its own story in the end. Roger has a way of finding and developing that story so that each house feels entirely unique.”

Mary Fowler Triggs

Interior Designer

Rachel Armes

Interior Designer

Autumn Bracey

Interior Designer

Amanda Purugganan

Interior Designer

Anna Moeller

Interior Designer

Chelsey Nariss Pickard

Purchasing Director

Kelsey Johnson

Office Manager


Office Administrator

Cammie Birdwell

Accounting Assistant